Nicolás De la Cruz was injured and will miss River’s next games

Nicholas of the Cross suffering from synovitis in the right knee, as reported today by the medical staff of Silver riverthat will keep him off the courts for approximately 12 days.

“On the day of the date, the player Nicolás De la Cruz presented an episode of right knee synovitis and must undergo medical and physiokinetic treatment, remaining inactive for a period of approximately 10 to 12 days according to evolution,” was the text of the medical report. released this afternoon by the Núñez club.

from the cross25 years old, was not part of today’s training in which the coach Martin Demichelis added the son of Marcelo GallardoMatías, one of the reserve hooks who had already worked in the First Division last season.

matias gallardoThe 19-year-old, who joined the reserve squad in 2022, was called up to train with the professional squad together with the central defender Leandro Pena Biafore 19 years old, Felipe’s brother, and the striker Alexis Araujo, of 18 years. The three juniors participate in the physical routine and work with the ball, in a usual methodology for the youth to have contact with the first division.