New costs to process the Passport and DNI

Holiday season is a good time, for those who do not travel, to be able to renew both the passport and the National Identity Document (DNI). This is because there are fewer people who demand this type of procedure.

To actualize the ID must be taken online and it can be done by entering the site: The procedure has a cost of 300 pesos and a surcharge of 50 pesos is applied in case the renewal is in a shopping center. If the required DNI in 24 hours, the value of the process is 1500 pesos.

January and February are equally good for renewing your passport. Necessary document to leave the country, unless it is a question of what integrates the Mercosur. The standard procedure costs 4,000 pesos and the process can be started from the same website that is used to obtain the DNI.

The process of passport has an option Fastwhich has a total value of 7500 pesos and the applicant has the new copy in four business days and this service includes home delivery.

AUH de Anses: who does the new extension of the benefit reach?

While, finally the possibility of obtaining the passport of instant way. This option is usually used in emergencies, it can be started at any airport and the delivery time of the same is from 2 to 6 hours. Its cost is 25 thousand pesos.

However, regarding this procedure due to a blackout at the beginning of 2023, the system was interrupted and has not yet been reestablished. User complaints escalated and for this reason, the National Registry of People launched a service channel to receive complaints and announced that it will deliver transitory passports until this technical problem is resolved.

Uncertainty grows because this Technological inconvenience could extend days or weeks according to sources from the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation.

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