Momo Benavides struck down Santi Maratea for his collection for Independiente: “You can’t ask people to get into debt”

About some months ago, Santiago Maratea carries out a collection of money to settle the millionaire debts of independent, in which he had the great contributions of the fans of the Red in order to move the club forward. However, the influencer received a lot of criticism for the way he carried out the initiative.

In the last few hours, one of those who asked Marate was Geronimo momo Benavides. in dialogue with Double Meritthe famous streamer He was asked if he would do something similar with Platenseclub of which he is a fan, and his response was blunt: “Not like that, not like that. Without the trust and I would not charge a peso. I wouldn’t ask Platense for a peso for that and Much less would I ask a 10-year-old boy to sell the boots“.

“Let’s separate things because I have seen sacrifices that people have made for this, they are all respectable and I respect them, and I admire the love for the club but there are limits. If my son is 7, 8 years old, I don’t have a mango and he has a pair of boots, ‘no, you’re not going to sell them,'” Momo continued, substantiating his reflection.

Then, along the same lines, he added: “Because everything is fine with Independiente, everything is fine with you but it is your dream or your entertainment or it is your tool for whatever. Another thing that It seemed to me an aberration was to make people ask for a loan. You can’t ask people to borrow. They seem immoral things to me, I could not sleep with that“, concluded the streamer.