Misiones: a boxer argued with a municipal employee and knocked him out with a punch

A boxer was arrested in Posadas, Misiones, after knock out a public employee with a punch. According to the victim, that she is recovering in a hospital, the attack was “without measuring words” and then he was threatened.

What the local site details online missions, is that the incident took place last Wednesday afternoon, in front of a self-service store on Avenida López Torrez and Trincheras in San José. over there the waste collector identified as Remigio Gómez (29) was finishing his workday and he saw a group of people arguing, so he may have come closer.

When I arrived on the scene, received a “blow with a fist on the right cheekbone” without actually saying anything. After the attack she fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The assailant was identified as the Posadeño boxer José “Wally” Mareco.

While recovering consciousness lying on the asphalt, Gómez continued to be beaten and was rescued by his co-workers. When he could, he went to make the complaint in the third section of the Police, where he added that he was threatened by the athlete.

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This was left in charge of the judge of Instruction 2 of Posadas, Juan Manuel Monte, who surely arrested the accused. After that, it was Mareco himself who appeared spontaneously at the police station and was arrested.

After being knocked out, the employee received threats

Gómez was taken to a local hospital and there he made statements to the local media to which he detailed what had happened. As he recounted, some neighbors threw garbage out of the bins and one of their classmates asked them to throw it where they went And it was then that the discussion began.

“My partner tried to communicate nicely to request that the waste be disposed of correctly, but the neighbors reacted in a hostile manner. I started getting shoved while trying to catch my breath. I asked the man what was happening, and at that moment, the boxer punched me in the temple. I saw everything blurry and tried to react, but I couldn’t,” he recounted.

“After hitting me, He threatened me and challenged me again, saying ‘come, come’. I told him that he was working and he told me that he also worked. So, he asked me if being a garbage collector is not a job, because I collect garbage and they treat me like garbage, ”the young man recorded.


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