Miguel Bru case: almost 30 years after his disappearance, they are looking for remains in the house of one of the convicted ex-policemen

Less than a month after the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Miguel Bruthe student disappeared and murdered in 1993, a team of experts from the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) carried out an operation to search for his remains in a house in the town of Los Hornos in La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires.

This is the address where they had walter coatone of the two former police officers sentenced to life for torturing to death the young journalism student in 1993. Abrigo lived in the inspected house and now his son resides with his wife.

Based on data provided by a reserved identity witness, on Tuesday, July 18, the second day of the operation that had begun on July 4 in the house located at 149 1418 street in La Plata ended.

The search focused on a cesspool in the courtyard sector, where a georadar had indicated an anomaly. As reported, Gendarmerie personnel carried out a search with shovels in the sector, but there were no results; Therefore, the report of the georadar with which work was done inside and outside the house on the first day is now awaited.

The house where the operation took place.

It is the search number 40 that was deployed in the search for the remains of the student. Rosa Schoenfeld, Miguel’s mother, was present at the place where they search for the remains of her son. “I hope this is the last search and I can finally find my son,” she told telam.

Schoenfeld explained that this place was reached “based on the information provided by a witness of confidential identity, who said that he had known it for a long time but his family was afraid, but now that his mother died, he died telling it.”

“He spoke of a pool, but the order of the prosecutor Gonzalo Petit is that they made the entire property, which is large. But surely they are not looking only for the indicated place, ”he added.

Almost 30 years without a trace of Miguel Bru and a reward of 5 million for information

Miguel Bru, 23 years old at the time of his disappearance, was a journalism student at the Superior School of Journalism of the National University of La Plata. He had denounced members of the 9th police station. de La Plata for an illegal search in his house. From that moment on, he was threatened and harassed to make him withdraw the complaint.

According to the investigation, Miguel was kidnapped near the town of Bavio, in the La Plata district, on August 17, 1993 and entered that section, between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., where he was last seen while he was tortured.

Miguel Bru 20230719
Rosa Schoenfeld, mother of Miguel Bru.

The statements of various detainees and the expertise in the guard book allowed these facts to be verified.

In an oral and public trial that took place in 1999, They were sentenced to life for the homicide and former Deputy Commissioner Abrigo – who died in jail – and Sergeant Justo López disappeared. Meanwhile, ex-commissioner Domingo Ojeda and ex-officer Ramón Ceressetto were sentenced for cover-up.

In 2022, on the 29th anniversary of Bru’s disappearance, the government of the Province of Buenos Aires raised the reward to find him to 5 million.

Through the Directorate of Missing Persons of the Ministry of Security, the government of the province of Buenos Aires increased the reward for those who can provide accurate information on the disappearance of the young man.

People can provide the information with confidentiality of identity and in any prosecutor’s office of the different Judicial Departments of the Province; in the Functional Investigation and Trial Unit No. 3 of the Judicial Department of La Plata (calle 7 between 56 and 57); or before the Provincial Directorate of Registration of Missing Persons (telephone 0221 4293015) of the Provincial Ministry of Security.

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