Massa anticipated “strong disbursements” from the IMF: “The discussion is removed from the campaign”

The Minister of Economy, sergio masastressed that with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)) commit for the “next five months” so “the discussion on the Monetary Fund is removed from the campaign“and I announced that there will be”heavy disbursements in August and November, which largely covers the obligations for this year”.

After announcing the first economic measures after the principle of agreement with the IMF, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda clarified that he does not plan to travel to Washington, because the Economy envoys “did a great job to close everything.”

“The best we can do is have our own program and pay the IMF to remove it from the scenario of Argentine economic policy“, said the also presidential candidate of Union for the Homeland in an interview with Hard to Tame in C5N.

With the endorsement of the IMF, the savings dollar rises and the exchange rate improves for regional economies

Until the end of November we don’t have to discuss any topic And that, in some way, will give us the possibility that this neighbor we have in the neighborhood, uncomfortable, that we did not bring, that is the Fund, that Mauricio Macri brought, is not a factor or an additional actor in the campaign, beyond that for Argentina it is an issue to be resolved, “Massa remarked.

The Tigrense avoided specifying the amounts that he says will be established in the document with the IMF and just announced that “it largely covers the expectations that were for this year.”

“I do not want to speculate with the number because it is up to whoever is going to make the disbursements to be the one to report it,” he said, to later specify that it will be after the IMF deals with it in its Board of Directors. He did advance that they will be in August-he defined those as “a very large package”-and one in November.

“The best thing we can have is our own export program, our reserve consolidation regime, make ourselves strong, pay them, and remove it from the economic policy scenario,” Massa projected as his roadmap, “to have a long-term design of industrial, employment, and inclusion policy.”

“When you are discussing conditions with your creditor all the time, this is difficult for you,” he added, and promised to “maintain the fiscal order.”

In an interview with C5NMassa maintained that “for Argentina it is good to have a base document with the IMF that seeks to maintain fiscal support and the exchange rate.”

Kristalina Georgieva and Sergio Massa.

The national official stated that it is necessary to “learn that in times of fat cows you have to have reserves“.

The minister said that in the Government it is necessary to “assume the mistakes, apologize, correct them and learn forward.”

He also said that in the case of agro dollar a “price update” will be made, which impacts more than 100 regional economies.

“Our pillars have to be a trade and fiscal surplus, a competitive dollar and development with inclusion,” said Massa, who stressed that “it was difficult for many to recognize the drought, so as not to give the government excuses.”

Regarding the opposition, he assured that “if there were any intelligent proposal, I would take it.”

And they suspected: “If some use these measures as an excuse to highlight, we are going to look for them“.

Massa admitted that there was a “push and pull” in the negotiation with the Monetary Fund: “One has to be firm in managing the State and professional.”

Massa’s dart at Macri: “We have a mortgage that the family’s player uncle took”

And I threw: “We have a Mortgage taken by the family’s gambler uncle, the former president Macri. It’s not good news to be able to order a program with the Fund, because it’s best not to have to.”

“We don’t find the Fund in a Jack chocolate bar, it’s a theme we inherited,” he said.

Massa’s 4 measures

  • exchange rate simplification: equate the solidarity dollar exchange rate with the card dollar, keep the Qatar dollar for consumption over USD 300 per month. Solidarity Dollar and Card Dollar (card up to USD 300 per month): will be unified at 30% COUNTRY Tax + 45% Earnings Perception. There are an average of 900,000 people who buy USD 150 per month.
  • Tax COUNTRY Services: the Country tax is generalized to 25% for all services, except: (i) Freight, which is applied at the rate of 7.5%; (ii) Health and Education, exempt by article 36 of Law 27,541, and; (iii) Recitals, which already pays 30%. The tax is collected by the banks at the time that importers accede to the MLC. Does not apply if paid with own dollars.
  • Tax COUNTRY Goods: The Country Tax is generalized to 7.5% for all goods, except: (i) Medicines and material to fight fire, exempt by article 36 of Law 27,541, (ii) Sumptuaries, which already pay 30%, (iii) Fuels, lubricants, goods related to energy generation, as well as inputs and intermediate goods linked to the basic food basket, will continue without paying the Country Tax. The tax is collected by the banks at the time that importers accede to the MLC. Does not apply if paid with own dollars. The perception is applied to all imports, including income to the Free Zone and Special Customs Area of ​​Tierra del Fuego.
  • Dollar Regional Economy: the scheme of regional economies is expanded. Exports that are settled until August 31, 2023 will have a $340 dollar. Projected settlement currencies: USD 2,000 M, including corn.

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