Mascherano’s deep self-criticism: “I thought that my presence could become…”

Javier Mascherano returned to the technical direction of the Selected Under 20 to dispute the world of which Argentina will be the venue from May 20, after the frustrated classification of the South American of Colombia, but for this he took his time, because he came to think that his presence”it was counterproductive for the boys“As a result of the specific weight that his career as a player had.

Personally I was convinced that my presence was harmful because my name is attached to that of the senior team, and especially in recent times where as a player we lost those three finals. That was installed in people and it was a backpack that did not want to pass it on to the boys, “he said today mascherano in an interview with ESPN.

“And since everything in life has a bit to do with what one feels, sometimes the fact of being in a privileged place, such as being in charge of the Under 20 team, with the responsibility that this represents leads you to reconsider if he is the right person to fill that position,” he said.

mascheranothat in the middle of the World Cup, next June 8, he will be 39 years old, it was then that he recognized that at a time after the South American in which Argentina He did not make it past the first group stage, he came to think that his name “was counterproductive for the boys”.

“Because these players I’m in charge of are 18 or 19-year-old boys who don’t have to carry a backpack. What happened to me in the National Team was during my playing career and now it’s something else, because I’m just starting one as a coach. And that was a point that perhaps made me wonder if my name is not a burden many times for them and that could prevent them from developing with the necessary calm”, he remarked.

Mascherano’s balance on the last South American and training

And riding on this point, he warned that “after what happened in the South American” he took “considerable time to think, because he believed that the most honest thing was to step aside so that someone with other ideas, another energy and Also other types of work.

mascherano he directed the first soccer practice of the Under 20 team in Ezeiza on the third day of pre-World Cup training, and will do the first test with the team in a friendly that will be played against the Dominican Republic starting at 3:30 p.m. at the AFA stadium in Ezeiza