Martina del Trecco, a River player, chicaned Benedetto: “Everyone kisses what they can”

The statements of Darío Benedetto after obtaining Mouth of the Argentine Super Cupto before Board of Trustees did not overlooksince he chicaneó to River when passing it in local titles, however, Martina del Trecco, player of the women’s soccer team MillionaireHe crossed it on social networks with the 2018 Copa Libertadores final in Madrid.

front born in villa mercedes He published a collage with photos on his Instagram stories, one is the already known dthe attacker xeneize Sticking out Gonzalo Montiel’s tongue in mock mode after the goal he scored in the final of the Copa Libertadores de América that the Millionaire later turned around, along with one of the Xeneize striker kissing the trophy obtained against those from Paraná.

At the same time, The picture is completed with an image of the Sevilla winger in the locker room with the Copa Libertadores and another kissing the World Cup that he won with the Argentine national team in Qatar 2022. There he wrote a more than eloquent phrase: “Everyone kisses what they can.”

That post quickly went viral on networks and was replicated by various users, especially in the River Plate world. However, the player, who is one of the figures in the team led by Daniela Díaz, deleted the post some time later.

Source: NA