Martín Liberman gave his opinion on the Superclásico and assured that River has half a title in his pocket

This Sunday a new edition of the Superclásico was played between River and Mouth in a confrontation that ended with a victory for the Millionaire with a goal converted by Miguel Borja from twelve steps.

After the match played at the Monumental stadium, Martín Liberman delivered an opinion in which he analyzed what happened in this match on date 15 of the Professional League.

In the first place, he referred to the penalty obtained by the whistle Dario Herrera and added that it had been a robbery since there was not even a foul prior to this action.

“The figure of the match x scandal was the goalkeeper of Boca. That means that River was much more and deserved to win. Boca kicked a single shot on goal. Unpresentable. But that’s not a penalty! Stop fucking around. Palavecino very unprofessional and canchero River has half a title in the bag”, said the renowned sports journalist.