Martín Demichelis doubled the response to Nicolás Figal: “He showed insecurity, they knew they couldn’t go to win on the River field”

Martin Demichelis He is the man of the moment in Argentine soccer because his team continues to prove to be a machine and after winning the Super classic he responded again to Nicholas Figal and referred to how they affected the game.

Figal made him spicy in the preview of the duel with Cleaver post victory with Careers. “We will go to Chile to win and play a good match at the Gallinero,” said the central defender. Mouth.

Then the result was adverse for Boca in his visit to the Monumental and that’s why Demichelis took the player’s statement xeneize to answer him.

“For me that shows that they are having a lot of respect for us. He spoke with respect or with a degree of inferiority, of insecurity, saying that we cannot go to win on River’s pitch,” Demichelis said in dialogue with Sebastian Vignolo in your program.

Then the former Bayern Munich footballer explained why River won the match.

“In a game equipped in the second half, the game was going to be decided by some particular action. But we deserved to win, especially because we did more, ”explained Demichelis about the triumph of his team.

“In the first half we subdued Boca. Half the field does not pass and we generate more situations. When Romero had to intervene, he showed his hierarchy, ”added the DT.

Demichelis’ chronicle of the riots at the end of the match

Then Demichelis referred to the problems that occurred at the end of the game, ensuring that he tried to calm the players at all times.

“Let’s not go in, because if the coaching staff comes in, all the players will follow us,” said River’s coach about the disturbances in the final.

“He knew right away that he was wrong and I know he came out to apologize,” Demichelis said. Following the coach’s word MillionaireVignolo joined the comment: “Agustín is a good kid.”

“I tried to stay out of it, I tried to talk to the players, but nothing could be done,” Demichelis closed.