Martín Demichelis continues celebrating the victory in the Superclásico: “Beating them at the last minute was very strong”

Martin Demichelis He faced the work week with the tranquility that comes from winning the Super classicin addition to the draw San Lorenzo which allows him to stabilize with a good distance at the top of the championship.

With that happiness that will follow the 1-0 win over Mouththe coach of Millionaire I remark that winning in that way against xeneize was unique and in turn supported the decision of Dario Herrerto collect criminal Augustine Sandez about pablo solari.

“Beating Boca in the last minute was very strong. We finished the first half much better, not in the result, but from an emotional point of view, because the rival had not passed half the pitch,” he said in dialogue with the newspaper. Old.

Regarding the penalty, he was blunt in his comment: “My feeling, if you let me comment, is that there was a penalty because the contact exists. And it was not a little collectible penalty. There is contact and it hits him on the calf, it’s a penalty.”

And he added about the day after the Super classic: “I didn’t spend my time watching the programs. It’s a way of being terrestrial, of not getting into a media confusion to think that we have achieved success by winning a game or several games.”

Then he also did not add, “like this, even when bad times come one does not feel so disastrous because of what is said. Honestly, if I turn on the television it’s to watch a game or a movie with my family.”

Regarding refereeing in general, the coach said: “I think there were a number of plays where debates could be opened but they were for both teams.”

On the other hand, Demichelis referred to his arrival at the club: “It is clear that it was a very difficult stop for the River fan. But I did not doubt the possibility and the opportunity. I do have to admit that, if it had come to me a post-2017, 2018, 2019 call to come direct River… No, the truth is that I would have raised my hand and said: I don’t feel qualified”.

“I knew that I needed to train as in my time at Bayern Munich, where training is not negotiated. In Germany, which eliminated us from the last four World Cup matches we had, they chose an Argentine to form for Germans. I highly valued the place I had, They didn’t give it to me and they demanded a preparation. It was the right place,” he continued.

Finally, he added: “When Marcelo (Gallardo) reported that he did not continue and began to be one of the possible names to succeed him, she (his wife, Evangelina Anderson) told me: ‘If you become the name chosen, do not mess in that madness”, or “what are you going to do if such a thing”, or “look what…”. Yes, yes, that’s what I prepared myself for. So, from that side I had no doubts and there was the desire that some time it happens.”