Mario Alberto Kempes questioned Sergio Romero’s reaction in the Superclásico: “It’s shameful”

Far from being dazzled by what the match left on the field, what caught all eyes was the confrontation between the players of R.river and Mouth at the close of Super classic. Given the reaction of sergio romero for the celebration of Augustine Palavecino, Kempes questioned the goalkeeper xeneize.

“Why does Sergio Romero, being at 25,30,35 meters, have to leave in terror? Just let it go. Or he is going to tell me that those from Boca would not have done the same, ”argued the world champion with Argentina in 1978.

“Everything comes as a result of one’s fever, which is fine, what River did is not right, but that he comes to make all the fuss that happened that is shameful,” said Kempes.

Then he added that he was surprised by the reaction of a player like Romero: “He would have to be the calmest, what did he want to show?” the former striker closed.