Marcos Peña keeps his “leadership podcast” active and interviewed Pablo Aimar

The former chief of staff Marcos Pena interviewed this Wednesday, May 10, the former soccer player and member of the coaching staff of the Argentine National Team, pablo aimarin its leadership podcastwhich receives the name of project 77. The exposure, the family, the ups and downs of success, the retirement of all athletes and self-esteem were part of the main topics discussed during the exchange with the Cordovan coach.

Peña launched the project in the summer season and announced it through his Twitter account: “I am very happy to share the launch of Proyecto 77, a generational conversation in podcast format where people who go through leadership situations share learning and tools”.

When analyzing the weight of public exposure, the former civil servant Mauricio Macri explained part of the dynamics of their interviews:

“One of the premises of these conversations is that behind all those somewhat ‘dehumanized’ images in the background of the different public figures, there are human beings who probably not only have the same problems as the others, but also aggravated by pressure, demand and expectation“.

“Sometimes criticism of someone who does something public is ruthless: singers, actors, actresses…”, contributed the former footballer.

With respect to champion squad in qatar and the role of the coaching staff, Peña consulted about the functioning of the group work.

He Clown Aimar highlighted the predominance of “good intentions” in the team: “They had a good time, the results have gone well and at some point it happened that they didn’t. I think that what prevails there are good people. We are noble and loyal people”.

Marcos Peña’s podcast

The interviewees who participate are “Spanish and Portuguese-speaking politicians, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs and specialists, mostly born between 1972 and 1982.” And now it was the turn of the world champion coach.

Among the most frequented themes of the program are mental and physical health, fame, teamwork, communicating and connecting with others, how to maintain perspective, the relationship with the virtual, nature, and the importance of being able to project ourselves in the long term. term.


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