Madness for Messi in Miami: a fan plotted his car with the colors of Argentina and dreamed of a signature of ten

The days of Lionel Messi is miami They are gradually changing with greater repercussion, first with their spectacular presentation, then with their first images training with their new teammates and now the world awaits their debut with the Bury miami.

In this way, saving for the premiere of the Argentine against Cross blue next friday suspenders CupThe fans of the Argentine captain approach the mediations of the club with the desire to take a photo and an autograph of the striker.

In your coverage for Guy Sports, gaston edul he came across Leandro Castlea fan of Messi and of the Selection Argentina who walks through the streets of miami with his car, a model 79 corvetteplotted with the colors of the selected albiceleste.

“15 days before the World Cup starts, the crazy idea of ​​painting my car occurred to me, because I do paint and in 48 hours I took a “challenge” and painted it,” said the Argentine fan.

In turn, he added that it had a great impact on social networks where it is nicknamed lele: “I threw the idea on social networks and it exploded my instagram And that’s where that idea started.”

It was so crazy how everything happened, how beautiful the car was, that people responded and that is why I would love for Messi to sign it, it would be the finishing touch for so much work“, hill.