López Murphy diagrams his assembly to play in the City

It looks competitive. And he even imagines winning the City STEP within Together for Change. Perhaps for this reason, Ricardo López Murphy is convinced that he will be a good electoral option in the fight for the Buenos Aires head of government. In this framework, the Bulldog stepped aside this week from the inmates that were going to take place on June 4 with the United Republicans party against legislator Roberto García Moritán, who led him to a bench of deputies in 2021, and already dialogue with other parties to be on the ballot without an inmate involved.

Thus, on Tuesday in his office on Suipacha street, López Murphy received the former deputy for the City, Oscar Moscariello, from the Progressive Democratic Party. They chatted animatedly. And it is almost a fact that it will be the seal that the economist has to play with.

The scenario of concurrent elections with ballot boxes separated from the national ones feels that it is a perfect system for him. “I’m just starting, and we have a floor of more than ten points,” he reflected to his collaborators. There is still no campaign on public roads, there are no posters or an electoral strategy on social networks. And yet, in the Bulldog team they saw polls where it can reach 15%. For this reason, López Murphy believes that in a two-month sprint with everything in the campaign he can be competitive. “Today, society changed the offer, that’s why Patricia and Milei grew up”, thinks the Bulldog. In this framework, his relationship with Bullrich is in good health: the candidate takes him on her trips through the Interior.

At the same time, close to the former Minister of Defense, a space of the “center-right without an offer” can be observed. A fact that encouraged him: in the liberal electorate there is a sector that directly associates him with Javier Milei. Could this information have influenced the libertarian to insult him at the Book Fair?

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