Llaryora realigns the troops and adds wayward radicals to his expanded electoral project

In the “containment” operation of their own, the candidate for governor of the PJ, Martín Llaryora, has been gaining support among the troops of the provincial interior, while oiling the link with a group of wayward radical mayors who will join the expanded version of Hacemos by Cordoba. “It is the moment in which we must accelerate,” said a llaryorista who follows the steps of the mayor of the capital, who intensified his agenda in the interior at the start of the electoral year, with the start of the festival scene.

In her weekend itinerary, Llaryora participated on Friday in the opening of the Jesús María festival. In turn, in Colonia Caroya she shared a dinner with mayors and leaders from the north. On Saturday she visited Cruz del Eje as part of the 2023 National Olive Festival, where she also met with the local mayor, Claudio Farías, and the Peronists of the area.

The diagrammed agenda will be completed this Sunday with its passage through San Carlos Minas. The applicant to succeed Juan Schiaretti will maintain contacts with the troops of the department and will participate in the Provincial Mining Festival.

The “Llaryoreta” put first in the last stretch of 2022 and will intensify its tour in the January festival. The strategy of the official candidate goes through the explicit support of his Peronist peers, after the setback of the re-re.

There are many wounded to attend to, which is why the “containment operation” was deployed. The promise of whoever will hold the pen as of December 10 is to add them to the future provincial cabinet.

A priori, the key objective of Llaryora is to achieve the commitment of the territorial heads to stick the local elections to the provincial election that would be called from the second week of June.

So far the operation is going “very well”, the llaryoristas warned, added to the fact that in the campaign command they display “very encouraging” numbers that mark their polls on the electoral scene.

In any case, the candidate for the main seat of the Civic Center has yet to go through the departments where a strong discontent persists between their own and foreign mayors when the re-re falls. Those who resist the most are concentrated in Marcos Juárez and Río Cuarto. In General San Martín and Unión there are also a few.

Support and unified date. About the agreements reached by the departments with the territorial chiefs to “heal” wounds, after the passage of the “Llaryoreta” through the routes so far, in the circle closest to the Peronist referent they make a preliminary balance.

They affirmed that they have “closed” in San Justo (25 mayors), the north of Cordoba (18), Río Segundo (13), San Alberto (11), Cruz del Eje (about 12) and Minas (6). “Everything is fine in Santa María,” said a llaryorista, noting that those who are pushing in the territory are the Peronists Marcos Torres (Alta Gracia) and Pedro Ciarez (Malagueño).

The most recent sample of this “containment operation” was that of the Río Segundo department, territory of the historical Peronist Francisco Fortuna. Last Thursday, Llaryora visited Manfredi, where he received the support of 13 mayors from the region who decided to stick their local elections to the date set for the provincial contest and thus “accompany” the Hacemos por Córdoba candidate.

Local referents conveyed their “support, accompaniment and mobilization in the territory” in view of the upcoming provincial elections, they held in a joint statement. His peers from San Alberto did the same when he returned last Tuesday with the anointed candidate of Peronism.

When looking at the Cordovan map, the “Llaryoreta” has a long way to go. There are stops that will be key due to the level of resistance, such as Marcos Juárez and Río Cuarto, among other points in the Mediterranean geography where they can also focus, such as Punilla and Calamuchita.

In the southeast of the province, it is noted that the majority agreement should arise –you may realize it or not– from a dialogue with the mayor Martín Gill. There is a group of community chiefs who respond to him, including those who are very critical of the treatment received by the Schiaretti administration.

Discontent. One of them is the mayor of Cruz Alta, Agustín González. The young Peronist, who last Friday showed up with Gill and Sergio Massa in Villa María, conceded to PROFILE CÓRDOBA that he has decided to take off the local elections from the date of the call announced by the governor. The move to advance the election in his district is a clear sign of rejection of the power that inhabits the Civic Center.

The political climate remains tense in the department of Río Cuarto. In off, very critical voices are heard against Schiaretti and Llaryora for not enabling re-election only once, given the retroactive nature of Law 10,406.

A communal chief of the PJ gave an account of the “anger and discontent” that persists among his peers – there are about 18 of them, between justicialistas and radicals – with the bosses of Peronism. The same source maintained that his fellow local officials “will work against Llaryora and advance elections.”

For his part, the mayor of Pasco, Daniel Delbono, said that given the impossibility of being re-elected, they work “in a very local setting” and, when the time comes, they will analyze “what players we put on the field.” He also pointed out that according to “the structure that we put together, it will be seen if it allows us to go on the same date” with the provincial.

All in. In llaryorismo he is very optimistic in containing them all. “We are going to put them all inside,” confided a member of the nucleus closest to the pro-government candidate. He based his confidence on highlighting the figures from the polls carried out by the mayors themselves. “We are winning,” he stressed and reaffirmed the commitment that “there will be a place” for everyone in the future cabinet.

Faced with this scenario projected by the ruling party, a forceful expression was issued from the llaryorista nucleus: “They all end up inside… ours and the radicals. We are going to have more mayors than ever voting on the same day.”

This is one of the fundamentals – if not the most relevant key – of the electoral board designed by Llaryora and Schiaretti.

Move forward with radical mayors to expand HxC

Martín Llaryora oils the link with the white berets disenchanted with the leadership of the UCR who will jump over the pond and join the project to expand Hacemos por Córdoba, preserving their radical identity, and in what implies a local-provincial assembly.

In the inner circle of the mayor of the capital and in the ranks of this nucleus of radical territorial leaders, referenced in Myrian Prunotto and Carlos Briner, they demonstrated the advanced steps of this movement that will shake the board of local politics.

The llaryoristas have some 15 to 20 community leaders from the UCR who will join the pro-government coalition. Those who play in their districts will be guaranteed the winner, while the leaders of that alignment were offered “important spaces in the lists and in the future government scheme”, beyond the possibility of integrating the formula, as in the case of Prunotto.

However, in Peronism the price of strategy is lowered. “To add to the pairing you have to have a lot of body”, maintain the llaryoristas strategies regarding the participation quota of the radicals in this provincial armed.

In any case, this alliance is going “from strength to strength” and we are only waiting for the “right moment” to make it official in the framework of how the electoral year progresses, which everything indicates that the vote will be taken from the second week of June. In this scheme, in llaryorismo the position of sticking the date of the municipal elections predominates, but there is “a plan B”: separate them 30 days later.

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