Live: watch RePerfilAr, with Santo Biasatti and María Areces on Net TV

The renowned journalist Saint Biasatti returned to open television and leads the news Reprofilepublished by nettv channel. In the program, broadcast from 19 to 20, the emblematic journalist is accompanied by María Areces.

The newscast, which debuted in 2020, imposing a new imprint on the small screen, maintains its distinctive way of reporting and analyzing the news without underestimating the audience.

Under the slogan”journalism without cracks”, RePerfilAr redoubles the bet with two drivers with extensive careers in between and a team of luxury columnists that will seek to tell reality as it is: complex and multi-causal. Without demonizations, without hidden interests and without cover.

It is worth remembering that the journalist, who was more than 26 years The thirteenand formed a memorable duo with Maria Laura Santillanlet telenight in 2017, and then went through the screen of TV Chronicle. For her part, Areces is another important communicator who was part of the Tennessee until 2018.

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