LIVE | “UPD”, emotion and gratitude to Macri: Larreta’s speech at the opening of the ordinary sessions of CABA

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, opens today the ordinary legislative sessions of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for the year 2023. The mayor of the Federal Capital will open the parliamentary year with his speech in the Buenos Aires legislature.

In his first minutes of speech, Larreta referred to his UPD (Last First Day) as head of the Buenos Aires Government and assured that he was very moved: “It is a very emotional moment for me.”

Immediately afterwards, he thanked Mauricio Macri: “Thanks to Mauricio, with whom we started these transformations in 2007, and who we were able to continue and deepen from 2015 to today”.


As far as educational matters are concerned, the mayor of Buenos Aires assured that before 2007 “the system was abandoned, the boys adrift, the forgotten teachers and the infrastructure in emergency”. And we emphasize: “We went from declaring a building emergency in the City’s schools to launching the most ambitious plan of educational works, with which We have already built more than 100 schools in 15 years”.

At the same time, he focused on the modernization of the curriculum and the recognition of teachers “increasing their training hours, creating the University of the City and reforming the Teaching Statute to recognize and value merit in the career.” And I insist: “In this we are clear: without good teachers, there are no good students or good schools.”


Regarding work, Larreta expressed that it is “progress and dignity” and assured that “it is urgent to generate work in Argentina so that no Argentine ever feels that they have no place in their land.”

In that sense, I asked”reduce the dead weight of the state on the private sectorbecause it is the companies that generate work, not the public sector”.

“For that, we must end the fiscal deficit, lower taxes and fight in depth against inflation, which not only anguishes millions of Argentines, but is also a wall against production and work,” he continued.

Rodríguez Larreta considers that the State should be “the one that identifies the strategic sectors with the greatest growth potential to improve their conditions and accompany them in their development.”

And he affirmed: “Our country can generate millions of jobs if it has a State that promotes private initiative, and restores Argentina’s export profile. It is difficult, but it can be done, and the City is the best example of that. “.

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