Lionel Scaloni revealed which player he would like to be Argentine

lionel scaloni returned to Qatar, where he became champion with the Argentine national team in the World Cup and spoke to Arab television about the experience that changed in that country and that became one of the most important moments of his career.

On what was the key to winning the World Cup, the Argentine coach admitted: “Having Lionel Messi is the magic recipe, I won the title for him and not him for me, that’s the key. Any coach would like to have a player like him. It would be necessary to put him in a position so that he can squeeze football out of him, that he feels comfortable on a pitch.”

If you have Messi, there is no doubt that you have to play in a certain way to get results. We were convinced that the players around him understood the football he plays, that they want the ball. That’s where this story began“he added to the Al Kass channel.

Then Scaloni said that “Messi is the flagship that everyone looks at, it’s a pleasure to play football with him. The captains of the National Team have always been good, this is unique, unrepeatable.”

In addition, the coach revealed that between Messi and Maradona, he considers that “Messi is the best, but I can choose both”. Meanwhile, also You should choose a player that you would like to be Argentinian and safe: “It’s difficult… Neymar.”