Lionel Messi was proud of the team after the victory: “It was very important for us to start winning”

Lionel Messi rounded off a dream debut with intermiamiby scoring the winning goal over Blue Cross on time with a great free kick goal for the first date of the league cup. After the match, the captain of the Argentine national team told how to modify that great goal to break equality and took the opportunity to dedicate the victory to ian fraywho was injured during the first stage.

“A very good match from us. We wanted to start like this, turning a victory to these people. Thank all the people who were here, we knew it was very important for us to start this championship by winning, luckily we were able to do it in the final. very happy“He began regarding the process of the match.

“It was just the last one and I tried as I always do. I was lucky that it happened, that it went to the goal, that the goalkeeper did not arrive and it was a goal. A huge joy to be able to achieve this first victory after how we have come in the league, it is important to start winning beyond the fact that it is another championship. For confidence it is very good to get victories, “he said about the great goal from a free kick that gave a vital victory to the herons Delaware Gerardo Martin.

Lastly, he stressed once again having chosen intermiami and sent his forces to ian fraywho suffered a serious injury in the first stage of the match against the cement machine. “Very happy to be here, as I said in my presentation. In a place that we chose with my family, very happy for having chosen it. Finally, dedicate this victory to Ian; that he was going through there in the locker room because of the injury he had. Send him a lot of strength, he is a very young boy who will surely recover, that he will be with us again and hopefully it will be as soon as possible “.