Liberman defended Sampaoli and hit Arturo Vidal hard after his departure from Flamengo

The output of Arturo vidal of the flamenco did not go unnoticed. The Chilean footballer who became champion of the Libertadores Cup 2022 with the MengaoHe left the club a few days ago as a result of a strong short circuit with Jorge Sampaolithe coach of the Brazilian team.

In this sense, the experienced midfielder called DT a “loser” and the one who came out to defend the 63-year-old coach was the journalist Martin Libermanwho defended the player: “I bank you when you crash drunk“.

“Vidal speaks ill of Sampaoli because he told him that he was not going to take him into account. He calls the loser who helped him to be champion of America as DT ”triggered the communicator on his personal account Twitter.

Much worse is having no memory and not remembering that he was forgiven for crashing drunk in the middle of the 2015 Cup. What do you think?he added Liberman in defense of Sampaoli.

The clash of Arturo Vidal in the Copa América 2015

The attacking midfielder of the Chilean soccer team, Arturo vidalsuffered at the time injury levels, after starring in a traffic accident on the outskirts of the Chilean capital. After the breathalyzer tests, it was found that the King He was drunk since he had 1.2 alcohol in his blood, when in the trans-Andean country there are zero tolerance.

ferrari vidal

The crash had occurred at kilometer 25 of the South Access of Santiago, when the footballer’s Ferrari 458 collided with another vehicle and then lost his way.

Vidal called Sampaoli a “loser”

I was always in a position to play but I had a lost coach who does not know how to value the players“, Shooting Arturo vidal against Jorge Sampaoli after his departure from flamenco.

Now I hope to show all the good I did in my career“, he continued Vidal after adding minutes in the victory over bay for 2-0.