Leagues Cup 2023: good are the references that Cruz Azul has

The eyes of the world are behind all incidents related to the league cupthe tournament that would usher in the era of Lionel Messi playing the colors of InterMiami.

Your first opponent will be Mexican Blue Cross, team led by ricardo ferretti and that currently does not face a good moment because it is in the last square of the MX League.

However, Leo must keep in mind the references of the cement team, a team that will surely try to cut the losing streak against another team that also needs to reap good results.

What are the references of the Cruz Azul of Mexico?

As we previously mentioned, the cement machine It does not come well after the start of the Aztec tournament. The Celestials They intend to recover against a group that was armed to conquer the North American continent.

  • Sebastian Jury: He is the goalkeeper of the team because of the Brazilian coach and who has had the responsibility of replacing Jesus Crown, historic goalkeeper in the ranks of the capital team.
  • Carlos Salcedo: He is a defender and played minutes during the 2018 World Cup wearing the colors of his country’s national team. He is the player with the most experience in this sector of the field.
  • juan escobar: He is Paraguayan and plays in the defensive zone. His talent allowed him to cross borders after he passed through the porteño hill.
  • Ignacio Rivero: was born in Uruguay and was previously playing in the Tijuana. It is one of the most unbalancing faces of the blue team.
  • Christian Tabó: He is another Uruguayan footballer who has taken over the squad of fereti. He debuted in the Montevideo races and his last team was Puebla.
  • Carlos Rotondi: is located in the midfield and his appropriate work in Defense and Justice They were the arguments that gave him the chance to be signed by the DF squad.
  • Augusto Lotti: He is Argentine and has managed to accommodate himself in soccer abroad after passing through the ranks of the Athletic Tucuman.