Kicillof does haute couture: with one hand he supports Massa, and with the other he ‘sews’ together with Grabois

There is no place to leave anyone angry in the burning STEP that Buenos Aires Peronism must face, and with that premise the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof It was shown this Thursday in the campaign in Berisso together with the social leader Juan Grabois, barely two days after having led, in Merlo, another act with Minister Sergio Massa, precisely Grabois’s rival in the presidential internship of the Frente de Todos.

smiling and relaxed, Kicillof and Grabois were in the cooperative “Arguello” of the Textile Pole of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE), located in the Berisso Industrial Estate, and the president even posed “sewing” with one of the local machines, surrounded by several of the local workers. “When it is observed that there is a response, political decision and accompaniment from the Government, our society does not resign and asks to continue expanding rights, that is what we are for, we are going to continue working to do everything that is missing”Kicillof highlighted when he spoke at the venue, flailed by Grabois and the mayor of Berisso Fabián Gagliardi.

Kicillof has already spoken, like the majority of the ruling partyfor the candidacy of Sergio Massa, but he knows that there is a percentage of Kirchner voters close to the left who deny the candidacy of the Tigrense, and consequently will support Grabois in PASO. The photo with Grabois wanted to aim precisely at that electorate, whose sector made a good choice in the recent PASO santafesina, in the city of Rosario, where his candidate Juan Monteverde defeated Roberto Sukerman (Vamos Rosario) by almost 11 points, who was supported by Massa’s running mate, Agustín Rossi, and by Governor Omar Perotti.

In the act of this Thursday, Kicillof and Grabois coincided in criticizing “Together for Change and the right”insisting on the same tone of the discourse that Kirchnerism has been showing in recent weeks, about the opposition “threaten to take away the rights that have been won with the struggle of generations and generations.”

The pre-candidate for vice president of Grabois, Paula Abal Medinathe Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation, august coast; the Minister for Women, Gender Policies and Sexual Diversity, estela diaz; the national deputies Itai Hagman, Natalia Zaracho and Federico Fagioliand the Buenos Aires legislator ofelia fernandezamong others.

Axel Kicillof warned about the debt with the IMF that Macri “skidded”

There Kicillof showed the recovery of the textile company that “had been abandoned as a consequence of the neoliberal policies that were applied in Argentina and in the province.”

“During the previous administration, in which thousands of jobs were lost and companies were merged, this place was a wasteland; Today, with Peronism and the organization of the workers, it is a cooperative that is working and producing”manifested.

Cristina Kirchner’s former Minister of Economy repeated that it is the first electoral campaign in which “the right openly says what it wants to do, they come to take away rights.”

20230720 Axel Kicillof and Juan Grabois participated in an act in Berisso.

“We have a very important advantage: it is not necessary to turn to the history books, we all know the damage they have done very recently when they targeted labor and social security rights while lowering taxes for the richest,” added Kicillof, emphasizing that the militancy must explain to the neighbors what is at stake and what the potential consequences could be if the policies proposed by the opponents are applied.

Grabois recorded in October 1945

In his turn, Grabois returned courtesies and highlighted “Axel is my candidate”, making history by remembering that the historic Swift refrigerator operated in the place where this textile cooperative operates.

“This was kilometer zero of the mobilization of October 17, 1945, this space went through all the vicissitudes of our history. Decades of exploitation, conquest of rights, resistance, dictatorship, disappearances, emptying, discarding”, outlined the leader close to Pope Francis.

“The workers of the popular economy together with the provincial government are recovering it, floor by floor, so that it can once again be a space for work and dignity. Faithful to our History, fighting for a Humane Argentina, our generation is going to resist resignation and wave the flag of Social Justice high,” said Grabois.

In this sense, the social leader highlights that “when the State and community organizations work together, the perspective of building a society without slaves or excluded, with land, shelter and work for all appears.”

“When the human being is at the center, politics works,” explained Grabois, who believes that – he still loses the internal one – a significant volume of votes for the formula he shares with Abal Medina will allow Massa’s programmatic agenda to be conditioned, forcing him to take into account some of the proposals of “Land, Roof and Work”.