Justice loses that D’Alessio remains in prison for at least six more months

The Fair Room of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation ratified the extension of preventive detention for the false lawyer Marcelo D’Alessio for six more months, starting on December 15 of last year.

Judges Mariano Borinsky and Guillermo Yacobucci refused to send requests from D’Alessio’s official defense to grant him “cessation of preventive detention and the request for relief formulated in subsidy.”

The official defender Verónica Blanco had branded the extension of preventive detention “as disproportionate given that D’Alessio would be in a position to access probation in the event of a sentence for the minimum of the criminal escalation.”

In addition, it rejected that “the process and the maneuvers investigated are complex” and added that “in any case, the State’s difficulties in dealing with the prosecution of the cases under examination cannot be a reason to maintain the detention of the accused,” according to the court. Argentine News Agency.

But in Cassation they refuted the arguments: “The value discrepancies exposed by the defense, beyond evidencing the existence of a foundation that it does not share and, it is worth clarifying, does not refute either, do not constitute a grievance based on the doctrine of arbitrariness.”

The highest criminal court recalled that D’Alessio has two sentences –not final– and is awaiting other oral trials for the crimes of “illegal association intended to carry out, without being empowered to do so, investigative, collection, classification, ordering, storage and analysis of information related to people, the future of legal cases and members of the mass media”.

In addition, he is charged with “extortion, influence peddling aggravated by improperly asserting said influence before a member of the Public Ministry and coercion.” In another file, “he was accused of the crime of illegal association dedicated to carrying out in a habitual, organized manner, with a division of specific roles and in a stable manner over time, international financial transfers knowing the illegal origin of the funds and with the purpose of simulate said illegal origin, give the appearance of legality to them and put them into circulation in the market”.

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