Jujuy, Misiones and La Rioja go to the polls with the ruling party as favorites

The “super Sundays of May” begin and today Jujuy, Misiones and La Rioja vote, elections in which the local officialdoms appear as favorites to retain the governorships. In the three provinces, the closed season began at 8 on Friday and will continue until tonight, three hours after the end of the electoral act.

In Jujuy, the governor and head of radicalism at the national level, Gerardo Morales, nominated his minister Carlos Sadir as a candidate to continue the provincial management, and he expects a resounding victory that projects his figure at the national level, in the fight he maintains to achieve the presidential nomination in Together for Change.

Morales seeks projection from Jujuy

Morales will receive Martín Lousteau in his bunker this Sunday and everything indicates that he will also be with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, with whom the president established an alliance within JxC. Under the motto “order and peace”, Morales seeks to transfer the “Jujuy model” to the national level and gain muscle at the time of internal discussion. Morales’s name will also be on the ballot as a candidate, but at the top of the list of conventional constituents, since Jujuy is ahead of the drafting of a new magna carta. Said discussion was enabled with the votes of Peronism in the local Legislature.

The cases of La Rioja and Misiones

The Governor of La Rioja, ricardo quintelaHe is a favorite to be re-elected in this Sunday’s elections, along with his running mate, the provincial deputy Theresa Wood. On the opposite sidewalk is the Juntos por el Cambio binomial made up of the national deputy Philip Alvarez and the vice mayor of the capital of La Rioja, william galvanas candidates for governor and vice, respectively.

In this province, despite Javier Milei’s announcement not to get involved in the provincial elections, La Libertad Avanza clearly supported Martín Menem -nephew of the late former president Carlos Menem- as a candidate for governor and carolina moreno like vice. The Justicialista Front competes with Rubén Rivarola and Alejandro Vilca is the option of the Left Front (FIT).

Finally in Misiones, the ex-governor Hugo Passalacqua He is the candidate for the ruling party and seeks to return to power to replace Oscar Herrera Ahuad, to whom he left the governorship in 2019. For Together for Change the formula the head martin arjol and by La Fuerza de Todos, the candidate is Isaac Tongue.

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