Juan Román Riquelme will not be present at the Monumental

Hours after the start of a new edition of the Super classicfrom Mouth they assured that Juan roman riquelme will not accompany the campus to monumental stadium to deal with River.

At first it was speculated that the vice president at the time xeneize be part of the delegation that says present in Núñez, but finally Román followed the game on television.

The first nod to the fact that he heads the Football Council was going to be present at the River stadium was after he saw him watching the Reserve match at the Ezeiza along with the coaching staff, players and other leaders.

Finally, the team Jorge Almirón which leaves at 15:30 heading to nunez will not have the figure of Riquelme for a new duel with the eternal rival.

The spicy quota that he gave Riquelme in the previous one

After the victory against Careers in the candy boxBoca’s vice took the floor and referred to the match with River.

“We’re going to a great stadium, where it’s surely going to be a nice game. We’ll try to compete and enjoy it to the fullest. I hope that both their players, ours and the referees can enjoy it. I’m hopeful that it will be a great game and that We can win,” he said.

Then, he added some spice to the game: “And I want to make one thing clear: what I see is that, in these three years, Boca has been the one that has won the most… I came back because it bothered me that the neighbor celebrated often. Now they We have been winning. And on Sunday we will go to their house, and I respect them, but I always want to win, “Román closed.