Jorge Almirón would be the best to face Barracas Central for Copa Argentina

As the slogan of the own Cup ArgentinaAnyone can happen, and that’s what you don’t want to happen Jorge almiron facing the round of 16 where Mouth will face barracks Central next Thursday from 19:00 in Santiago del Estero.

Waiting for the definition of what will happen with edinson cavani and with the arrival of Luke Blond and Luke jansonthe coach of xeneize He outlined a team with the best that has a disposition to measure itself in the next instance of the national contest.

In the bow will remain sergi Rosemarydespite Javier Garcia used to be the goalkeeper used in this tournament to give the former more filming Careers.

Then in the bottom line he would reappear Luis advíncula in the right sector, as in its beginnings in Mouth. The rear of centrals would be formed by Nicholas Figal and Nicholas valentini. Finally, in the left sector stands the figure of Frank fabra.

In midfield, despite his imminent departure to Port, allan Varela would be from the start along with William pole Fernandez as captain, valentine ship and Christian medinaone of the highest points in the last games of the xeneize.

Finally, on the attack front, in the absence of wingers, although exequiel zeballos will be on the substitute bench, opt for a double nine. dario benedictwho showed a better version and was reunited with the goal with Gym (LP)next to Miguel Merentielanother that comes straight with the goal.

The list of Xeneize concentrates