Javier Milei, the useful madman

javier milei He is not a crazy liberal who wants to privatize everything. His litany about “unrestricted respect for the life project of others” is a disguise for the populism of “good manners” of international Christian nationalism. The creed there is an instrument to subdue the republican legitimacy and declare a despotism that is cheap in taxes.

His party is the extension of the Trumpist insurrection, of Vox’s neophalangism and its equivalents such as the illiberal autocrat Orbán in Hungary.

Part of the disguise is the question of public spending, arbitrarily associating it with anything favorable to the minimum or personal liberties. The minima fulfill the role of evil to be eradicated. All the problems are attributed to them as a “gender ideology”. The happiness of the town consists in the fact that it no longer exists and that the “traditional values” return. They hate the cosmopolitan spirit of globalization, but at the same time they are an international conglomerate of avengers against tolerance, which is also the essence of a free society in Stuart Mill’s terms.

His “long-term anarcho-capitalism” is the so-called “paleoliberalism”, a conceptual monstrosity whose ideologue is the German Hans-Hermann Hope, for whom the State is a hindrance to “natural” heterosexual white supremacy, an analysis on which I have expanded. in my book “The Unthinkable”.

In the name of the “cultural battle”, Milei is going to end comprehensive sex education, we will have to wait for book bans like those of her ally in Florida and other Trumpist states. She has already said that she will govern regardless of Congress through popular consultations; that is a plebiscite dictatorship as she would call Weber. Let no one be surprised afterwards.

The “fool” is a figurehead. His militants openly express the xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny that he is silent about and about adherence to the international order that the Russian despot promotes.

Surely for Cristina Milei is good as the only opposite to which she can survive, and for the world that would like to see Putin succeed, anyone is great.

Is Milei a Nazi? No, neither was von Papen.

* Journalist and writer. Author of “The unthinkable: the curious case of liberals mutating into fascism.”

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