Javier Milei and the memory of the final in Madrid: “I fanned for Boca, but in the end for River”

True to his style javier mileione of the pre-candidates for president of the nationleaving statements that speak volumes, he had a particular confession regarding how the definition of the Cup Libertadores 2018 is Madrid between Mouth and River.

In the final in Madrid I supported Boca. Actually, it’s not that I bloated, I was watching the game. But when Gago entered, which was an act of populism, he went on to support River”, assured the economist in dialogue with The country explaining why he switched sides in the middle of the match.

In this sense, the candidate also spoke of what he recently repeated about fernando gago. “For me he is a lousy soccer player, one of the great lies of Argentine soccer. There I became anti Boca“He stressed at the time.

At the same time, miley added another comment against Mouth and one character in particular: Juan Roman riquelme. It was on the return of Roman in 2013 what I ended up pushing away miley of her love for him xeneize.

Living in a populist country is enough for me to be a fan of a team that made populist decisions. The hiring of Riquelme, by Angelici, when it was clear that it was not going to work and indeed it did not work“, he explained.

Finally, mileywho at the time was recognized as a great fan of Mouthsurely it was another of the reasons that ended short circuits in his “love” story with the club of the riverbank.

I even have a star in the Boquense Passion Museum, but I stopped going to the court the day it was taken off because i couldn’t get over that shock. I’m a fan, never in my life have I seen someone with an instinct for goal like him“He confessed when Martín Palermo hung up the boots.