Javier Mascherano and his wish for the future of Lionel Messi: “I wish he could close his story at Barcelona”

the future of Lionel Messi It is a subject that will sow until the uncertainty that arrives on June 30 when its relationship with the paris saint germain. Away from renewing with the club Pariswith polls from Barcelona and the football of Saudi Arabia, Javier Mascherano expressed his wish as to the future of Messi.

“I would like him to be able to close his story at Barcelona. Above all, to be able to say goodbye to his people, to that club that he made so great, ”Mascherano assured in dialogue with Sebastian Vignolo in your program.

“On the other hand I say, how nice it would be to have him here for a while in Argentina, right? But hey, players like Leo have earned the right to do whatever they want”, added the former player of the barca.

“That he still has the will to continue competing at the highest level shows how competitive he is and on the one hand I am happy to say that he still has a rope and we are going to continue enjoying him on a field for a while longer,” added the little boss.

“You have to know that we are enjoying Leo’s last years as a player and it is good that he does it wherever he wants. In the end, he is a player who, wherever he goes, will continue to show how different he is and will continue to make people enjoy ”, he closed regarding the future of Messi.

Then he referred to his present as coach of the U-20 team of Argentina that has the World Cup of said category next to begin on May 20.

“I think that no one is essential. After what happened in the South American I took a long time where I believed that the most honest thing was to step aside. But hey, I thank Tapia, Romero and Scaloni for their support to keep me here,” Mascherano said.

The coach had decided to leave his position in the U-20 team after being left out of the World Cup, but after the possibility of playing the tournament appeared for Argentina, from AFA they managed to convince them to continue leading the squad.

“I owe myself to the Argentine National Team and we have to promote players for tomorrow so that they can have a selection process and hopefully many of these guys can end up in the majors,” added Mascherano.