James Cameron on AI: “I warned you, and you didn’t listen to me”

“I warned you in 1984, and you did not listen,” said the filmmaker James Cameron,referring to his movie “Terminator”in an interview on CTV News (almost paraphrasing Fabulous Cadillacs’ “I warned you”).

The Canadian filmmaker charged against the use of artificial intelligence in various settings. “We wait 20 years, and if an AI wins a Oscar for Best ScreenplayI think we should take it seriously,” said the director of “Titanic” and “Avatar“.

The impact of AI is not limited to science and technology, is also coming out to the film industry. is hollywoodScreenwriters and Actors Unions argue that artists need protections against the use of their images and AI-generated art without their consent, and writers argue that production companies cannot replace them with AI to write scripts.


In the report, Cameron acknowledged that technology is advancing rapidly, but he maintained that the quality of the story does not depend on who wrote it, but on whether it is a good story. In his opinion, an artificial intelligence cannot capture the essence of the human experience in the same way that a real writer can.

James Cameron

On the other hand, this new resource optimizes marketing campaigns and accurately monitors the interaction of audiences with films. besides, this technology plays a crucial role in film restoration old by automatically removing dirt and deformations from copies.


However, the director did not limit himself to the analysis of artificial intelligence in the world of cinema. The creator of terminator expressed concern about the “AI militarization” during the interview with Canadian television, fearing that this could trigger an arms race. According to the Titanic director, it is important to assess who is developing the technology and for what purpose, whether it is for profit, which he calls “teach greed”or for defense, what he calls “teach paranoia”.

To avoid this spiral, according to cameron, a global agreement is needed to regulate the development of AI. In this regard, it would be in the hands of world leaders and scientists to forge consensus so that the resource is developed in a safe and beneficial way. Such a treaty would prevent technology from escaping human control. A parallel very similar to his acclaimed 1984 film and starring arnold schwarzenegger.

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