It does not stop: Lionel Messi continues to break records in soccer in the United States

As expected lionel Messi revolutionized not only the days of Bury miami but the football of state Joined per se. With his arrival at the club David beckham He already dazzles on the pitch, but he also sweeps off it in various matters.

One of the numbers that went off in Bury miami from that of the Argentine star it was on the club’s social networks. pre-queue Messi be a player of the coastal club, in your account instagram there were only a million followers.

The effect Messi It had a staggered impact having its first 24 hours, when it was known that it would land in the American club, the followers on Instagram grew to almost five million.

That was not all, a month after his arrival in miamia report by Sports showed how the club’s metrics grew. Following the euphoria of that first day, at the moment that 10 made his contract, the account of instagram of the herons exceeded eight million followers.

As if that were not enough, the madness Messi grew even more. After his dazzling debut, he scoring the game-winner against Cross blue free kick in the Suspenders Cupfollowers increased reaching 10 million followers.

Then, in the following days, that figure increased by another million, doubling the number of followers that the other teams in the league have. Major League Soccer (MLS)that in their majority, they have a million.

Finally, regarding this abysmal increase, Bury miami not only far surpassed its rivals in the world of soccer, but also ranked among the five franchises of state Joined with more followers in instagram.

With his 12 million followers, he remains one step below warriors of the golden state (31.1M), Los Angeles Lakers (23M) year cleveland cavaliers (16 M), all the teams of the nba

Not only in networks, Messi broke the television record in the United States

The effect Messi Not only did it have an impact on the club’s social networks, but on the day of its debut it also broke a historic figure for the television of the match between Bury miami and Cross blue by Suspenders Cup.

The record of viewers for the transmission of the premiere of the Argentine reached 12.5 million users, being the most watched football match in the history of television in state Joined.

Added to that, one important fact is that, for the first time, with the debut of Messisoccer prevailed over basketball and American football, which in their all-time highs were around 11 million viewers.

Messi, the athlete with the most followers in the United States

As if breaking records will be involved, that is the right place to Lionel Messi. With more than 480 million followers on instagramthe Argentine captain left figures such as LeBron James, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Tiger Woods and Jimmy Butler.