Inter fans furious with Romelu Lukaku: “You betrayed us, you are not a real man”

A few days before the start of the season in the European soccer leagues, the clubs continue to move pieces to reinforce themselves in the best way to face the second half of the year.

One of the names that caused a stir, despite the fact that he did not go through his best football moment, was that of romelu lukakupartner of Lautaro martinez in it Inter de Milan.

The Belgian striker’s pass belonged to the chelsea that knowing that your loan with the team of Milan culminated a June fine that maintained its strict stance of not taking the footballer into account.

In this way, from the club of London They assured that once his relationship with Inter ended, they would choose to extend the loan or look for a new club for him since they were not interested in having his services. In turn, the English team would recover some of the 113 million euros that he paid for his pass at the time.

However, when it seemed that the striker would agree to renew the link with the Buryclub in which he performed in the best way, the player’s environment had other plans.

Being an act of treason, in consideration of the fans and the leadership of the Bury, lukaku started negotiations with the juventus, direct rival in the Italian league some time ago. It was even known that the conversations with the team of Turin the days before the end of champions League where the Italian team fell with the Manchester City.

Such an action was recognized as a huge betrayal because at the time when Lukaku arrived at Inter he sent a particular message to the club. “If Milan or Juventus call me, I would never, never, never agree to go with them, I love Inter”came to affirm.

In this way, when knowing the intentions of the Belgian striker in leaving for the juventusthe curve Northa faction of the fans BuryRecognized as the “barrabrava” of the Italian fans, he launched strong messages against him.

“We will never see each other again, Lukaku,” said the Inter fans. That in the same line they added other messages: “He has betrayed us all. We always defended you in difficult times, now you give us a stab. You’re using yourself to the highest bidder after kissing our shield. you’re not a real man”.

Similar was the reaction of piero helpsports director of Buryupon learning of the striker’s negotiations with the juventus when the team Milan was willing to pay 30 million euros to the chelsea for your pass.