Indio Solari supported Cristina Kirchner “because there is a great danger on the other side”

Carlos “Indio” Solari gave an interview this Saturday in which he again stated his support for Kirchnerism for the “great danger that exists on the other side”. In that sense, too criticized the Justice for investigating Cristina Kirchner.

“The artist has to manifest through his work, in the style is his position. I don’t think he should be in the military, when he is in the military, he transforms his work into pamphlets,” he said, but advanced his political position: “It happened to me that now I follow supporting Kirchnerism or Peronism because on the other side there is a great danger“.

“We are not crazy, some of us go crazy to see how people are so naive that they can believe (Luis) Majul and all those. The right is advancing all over the world; They have no doctrine, they are like pirates and they are not even buccaneers“, he lamented in a radio dialogue with the powerful throat. “They are waiting to see what they can do to take a few hundred or thousands of millions of dollars, which have already disappeared more than once and they don’t know where they are,” he continued.

In relation to the vice president, he stated: “They searched the Lady, they pierced the walls of the houseThey went to the south and with those machines they dug up the gardens, looking for something that perhaps isn’t there.”

Regarding the Kirchner governments, he stressed that at that time “people lived better, they rescued the middle class from the ditch, and even so they are paid with these things.” “The opponent is crazy, a disparate fascist“, he characterized. There are” people who let themselves be carried away by those ideas, that attitude and lifestyle they have, steal, deny it, transfer the problems to those who are on the opposite side. They do the tricks, the Panama Papers appear, but not on the other side, the chorra is the lady, ”she ironized.

Unpublished videos of “Los redondos” appear and the illusion of a rapprochement between Indio Solari and Skay grows

“Justice is uneven. Its members name themselves in definitive positions and they have a regime of social protection almost like that of the imperial courts,” the musician reviewed.

His health and his musical projects

“I’m fine in the ass but it could be worse. People who don’t have the chance to treat themselves like me, in two years, three years, eat them… 10 years ago, so I can’t ask for more,” said the former leader of the Redonditos de Ricota, who in 2016 revealed that he suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

Solari was sincere and said that it has now “freed itself from the corset that both rock and blues have”. “As I’m practically in a cloister I have lots of songs that have different characteristics, it can be electronic like a bluesy chacarera. I like to kick the board and start with new things, give people originality and not continue working on the Redonditos all the time. life, doing basic rock and roll, which was all very well, but I needed to update myself with the new generation, which works with textures,” he shared.

The artist does not stop creating and said that “there are new songs not only for the Marsupials, which are going to release some more, but also for the Fundamentalists and for ‘The shy singer'”, referring to the pseudonym under which he publishes songs on networks and in solo format: “I started joking, but it turns out that there are many people who demand that I present more songs, so we are going to make songs for everyone,” he closed.


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