Independiente suffered a weight loss for 2023

the striker of Independent Leandro Benegas will return to Chilean soccer, but not to the University but to another big one from that country like Colo Coloafter terminating his contract with the Avellaneda club.

Thus, at 34 years Benegas will play again in Chilean soccer, where he had a prolific previous step, since in addition to the you also visited the t-shirts of La Calera Union, Italian Audax, Palestinian Y United Curico.

The termination of a common agreement between the player born in Mendoza on November 27, 1988 and the club now chaired by Fabian Doman will have for Independent a payment from Colo Colo of $200,000.

Of course, this rescission is also produced in exchange for Benegas He desists from receiving the debt that Independiente probably owes him since they did not pay him the last three months of salary or additional prizes for objectives.