Incredible: they discover super-old massive galaxies that would not exist

In a finding that caused great surprise between global scientific communitya equipment international of astrophysicists I discovered several mysterious objects hidden in some r imagesregistered by the james space telescope Webb of the POT that caught their attention.

Is about six galaxies massive que they arose so early in the history of the universe and are so massive that they cannot existat least according to current cosmological theory

As he explained to the Nature Magazine the Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Colorado Boulder, United States, Erica Nelsoneach of the discovered galaxies could have existed in the dawn of the universe roughly between about 500 and 700 million years after the Big Bang, that is, more than 13,000 million years ago. And also, they contain almost as many stars as the current Milky Way.

“You just don’t expect the early universe to be able to get organized that fast. These galaxies could not have had time to formadded the study’s lead author.

Although it is not the first time that James Webb managed to capture images of galaxies lost in space, the researchers acknowledged that they need more data to confirm that these six galaxies that they have just detected are really as big as they seem and date from so far away.

“Another possibility is that these things are a different kind of foreign objectLike the weak quasarsthat would be just as interesting,” Nelson said.

To carry out the finding, the team carried out a series of calculations which allowed them to determine that the ancient galaxies were also enormous and capable of hosting hundreds of billions of sun-sized stars with a mass equivalent to that of the Milky Way.


The Milky Way forms about one or two new stars each year.. Some of these galaxies will have to be forming hundreds of new stars a year throughout the history of the universe”, explained the Astrophysics professor.

Nelson and his team of collaborators announced that they will use the James Webb telescope to treat to learn more about the origin and evolution of these mysterious super old galaxies.

“Although we have already learned our lesson from Hubble, we still we didn’t expect James Webb to see such mature galaxies existing so far back in time”Nelson concluded,