Incredible: Prefecture rescued a horse that was swimming in the Paraná

The unexpected presence of a horses swimming in broad daylight in the waters of the Paraná River, in the province of Entre Ríoscausing much surprise and concern among the people who were in the place,

As reported The eleventhe animal, how little before it had been seen in the sand of that Paraná shorewas doing a enormous physical effort to be able to cross the mighty channel in their eagerness to reach a nearby island.


So it was that several witnesses of this unusual event contacted Argentine Naval Prefecture who quickly made himself present in the place, along with the help of some cowboys, quickly mount a rescue operation to consist of Surround the horse and lasso it to help in its struggle to reach the mainland.


Once on the island and after verifying that the desperate animal He did not have any physical injuries.the agents of the Naval Prefecture decide release him on the island, waiting for his owners to appear.