Ibarra broke down in Boca training and was transferred urgently

Boca’s coach, Hugo Ibarrahe decompensated this Wednesday during his team’s practice and was urgently transferred to an Ezeiza clinic for an alleged high blood pressure picture.

The coach of the La Ribera team He has had severe headaches and has subsequently suffered a nosebleedGiven this scenario, he was transferred to the nearby medical center. Although his condition is not serious, he will improve in observation.

Hugo Ibarra had to leave practice this morning at the Ezeiza property. He felt very sick, had a bleed from his nose and the doctors, after examining him, called the ambulance. He was transferred to a clinic in the area. They tell me that he is fine, that there is nothing serious. As a precaution, Ibarra is not on the premises and is hospitalized“said Tato Aguilera in T&C Sports.

Serna brought peace of mind about Ibarra’s health after the alarms in the practice of Boca

“Ibarra is fine, I was just in the room with him. Don’t worry, he’s fine. They’re going to leave him for a day as a precaution and in a while the medical report will come out to find out what happened to him. More than answering questions, I want to transmit tranquility”Mauricio Serna explained to the press present at the hospital mediations.