“I only asked God not to take me to Talleres champion without seeing him”

A new fact of insecurity It happened in the early hours of Wednesday. in the city of Córdoba: two criminals approached the taxi driver Daniel Rivadero, near the Italian hospital and locked him in the trunk at gunpoint.

Thesituation was dramatic for the taxi driverwho recounted that the assailants were going at more than 140 kilometers per hour while the police chased them and shot at the car.

“I just hope they stop and don’t kill me, I asked God not to take me to Champion Workshops without seeing him “recounted the kidnapped driver.

After what seemed like an eternity 15 minutes, the thieves finally pulled over the Fiat Siena and drove away.

In statements with Channel 10, Rivadero said that “I only thought they would stop and not kill me.” But what was most striking is that, in the midst of the most stressful situation in her life, she did not forget her love club: “My head thought many things, my family, my children, my old lady. May all this end quickly. myn one of the crazy things that occurred to me at the time, he asked God not to take me to Champion Talleres without seeing him”.