How was the rating of “Duro de Mar” in its debut in C5N

“Hard to tame” returned after 8 years of not being on the air, and his debut was auspicious: the program, which is broadcast from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. C5Nreached 2.8 rating points on Tuesday, and led among news channels. It is followed by “Leuco’s Diary” (The Nation More) with 2.4 rating and further back “Just one more lap” (TENNESSEE) scam 1.6.

Lead by Paul Dugan“Hard to Tame” has in its team of panelists journalists Cynthia Garcia, Federico Fahsbender, Mariano Hamilton and Carla Czudnowski, in addition to the leader Pitu Salvatierrasinger the chipi your influencer Carlos Maslaton.

The program replicates the classic format, based on a mix of current affairs and politics with some humor. And some media personalities accompanied the return of the cycle, answering questions about the history of the program: Jorge Rial, Marcela Tauro, Laurita Fernández, Ángel De Brito, Pampita, Laura Ubfal and Karina Mazzocoamong others.

Carlos Maslaton, one of the novelties of this return, he contributed his opinions and statements, faithful to his disruptive style. “Proud that Argentina is a third world country,” shot the liberal influencer in one of the most celebrated moments of the broadcast, to the applause of his colleagues. “Maslaton’s dose of optimism,” Duggan quipped.

Hard to tame was born in 2001 under the name of “indomitable” and is transmitted in America TV. Later the program went to El Trece, under the leadership of Roberto Pettinato., at midnight, but ended up occupying the afternoon slot at 7:00 p.m.

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