How to travel to Antarctica in tourist mode

Although the Antarctica It is characterized by its geographical inaccessibility, it is not required to belong only to some governmental, scientific, military or expeditionary group to develop the journey. According to statistics, almost 45,000 people from all over the world visit Antarctica as touristssince 2017 and the number is rising.

Given its geographical coordinates and its climatic qualities, Antarctica It is accessible during the months of October to March. Just a thousand miles awayUshuaia is the closest continent to visit the white. Some companies create itineraries that depart directly from there, and others that do so from other ports, such as Puerto Madryn in Chubut or Punta Arenas in Chile.

As in any type of maritime trip, there are different companies that provide different types of services. In Argentina, tourist cruise companies offer various prices, depending on the service that is considered. Some, like Antarply Expeditions with his expedition shipnMV Ushuaia, have a limited number of passengers and are characterized by offering a simple service in terms of food and comfort. The advantage is that the costs are cheaper than the standard, but the recreational options on board are more limited.

Others, like Quark Expeditions They have bigger boats and are more like the idea of ​​cruising. They are companies that have some ships with a capacity of 190 passengers. The landings must be made in two shifts, since by international regulations there cannot be more than 100 people on land. But the quality of service and the activities on board are superior.

trips to Antarctica

In high season, some itineraries and add more visits to the tour, including Malvinas or the Georgias Islands. Although there are companies that operate from South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, the frequencies are lower and the distance increases the days of travel and the budget. Therefore, it is best to travel from South America.

The recommendation in this type of trips is that it is an operator endorsed by IAATO. The International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators is the international organization that regulates specialized operators in the southern region. Antarctica is an exclusive destination, which requires very precise logistics, which is why prices start at 6,000 dollars per person, in most cases double base.

trips to Antarctica

In Buenos Aires, Wayfinders Adventures specializes in trips to the white continent. The agency offers both regular and last minute tickets and its owners are specialists in trips to the poles. Although it is possible to travel to Antarctica as a family, it is not recommended to take a child under 12 years of age on board due to the qualities of the boat trip. Neither should a special visa be managed, although it is necessary to have a permit, the same shipping company is in charge of the management.

trips to Antarctica

“Although most companies provide snow boots, it is important to travel with the appropriate clothing. The essentials: dress in layers: tights, t-shirts and thermal pants to start dressing. Then: snow pants, hats, scarves, waterproof jacket (the higher the waterproof range, the better), parka with a hood (better if it covers the waist, for those moments when you have to sit in the Zodiacs), gloves ( I traveled with two pairs, some mittens and some mittens, which I took off to be able to take photos)”, stated the Blogger Lau Lazarino, creator of baby trips and a graduate in Tourism and added: “The so-called zodiacs transport travelers to the mainland. Generally, penguin colonies, scientific bases, or sites of historical relevance, such as whaling station ruins, are visited. Obviously, there are no toilets or any other type of facility. They are short walks, where they are allowed to take photos, walk around and enjoy the scenery”.

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