How to avoid scams and fraud online

Online scams are a growing concern for everyone and take many forms: online advertising It is one of the many ways for these frauds to happen. Parachute GoogleGuaranteeing safer experiences for all users in the world is essential, for this reason, he shares some tips that help to incorporate more layers of protection when being connected.

If someone sees an online ad that they think might be misleading or violates a Google security policy, it’s essential to report it. Everyone can do it, in this way, they favor that the content can be reviewed and verified that it complies with the corresponding policies. After this process, it will be deleted if applicable and in some cases, the advertiser’s account may even be suspended.

As active Internet users, it’s important to educate yourself about the ads you see and the advertiser serving them. In Google products this information is available by clicking on the three dots that appear in an online search engine advertisement, Youtube and Display. This directs people into space “My ad center” which includes basic information about the advertiser, including whether or not it is a reviewed advertiser. In addition, it allows you to block ads and customize the advertising experience.

In this sense, the company recently launched the Ad Transparency Center– A search hub for all ads served on Google by verified advertisers, making it quick and easy to get insights into what we see online.

On the other hand, Google blocked more than 100 million attempts to identity fraud every day, but sometimes, some fraudulent content can temporarily evade these systems. Many cybercriminals may pretend to be a well-known or frequently searched brand, which is why domain names need to be checked, especially before logging into an account, making a phone call to a promoted number, or providing financial information.

In 2022, the company began incorporating site names into search results and ads, making it easier and faster to identify the website associated with each result.

Using strong and unique passwords helps preserve personal data. For example, use at least eight characters and a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. As well as using a different password for each of the personal accounts and not using personal information for it (name, address, telephone number, personal identification number, dates of birth, etc.). Tools like Google Password Manager help in this process of saving and creating security keys, as well as reporting if they have been compromised or publicly exposed.

In that regard, while working towards a password-free future, it is essential to safeguard personal accounts and activate 2-Step Verification, which when implemented, not only requires you to enter a password, but also additional protection information. In this way, if someone steals the security key of an account, the access process is made more difficult, since more data will be kept to access it.

On this issue, in particular, the company presented its Annual Ad Safety Report, which reveals that —during 2022— it removed more than 5.2 billion ads, restricted more than 4.3 billion ads, and suspended more than 6.7 million accounts. of advertisers. This was an increase of 2 billion removed ads year-over-year, starting in 2021. And it builds on the company’s efforts to develop advanced security technology and create products that are secure by default, private by design, and put to the people in control of your personal data.

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