How did the last five Superclásicos played at the Monumental turn out?

This Sunday in a packed Monumental stadium, Silver river will receive its similar mouth Juniors in a duel that corresponds to date 15 of the Professional League. Those of Demichelis intend to add to escape at the top of the tournament, while Almirón’s team wants to achieve a new victory in a row.

The fans are very anxious about what can happen in this match and the experts on the matter recognize that this new Superclásico will be a different match despite the realities they are currently experiencing.

Those at home suffered a hard blow and hope that this win against them against Fluminense will not affect them, bearing in mind the great campaign they have carried out in the local tournament.

Xeneize, for its part, is excited about the latest results it has achieved this season. In the event of victory, Almirón’s men would reach their third consecutive victory bearing in mind the victory against Colo Colo in the Copa Libertadores.

Taking this situation into account, in 442 we will review the latest results from the most representative match of Argentine soccer.

How did the last five Superclásicos played at the Monumental turn out?

It has certainly been quite even. Only one tie has been registered, while both teams have been able to add two victories in the last history of matches held at the sports venue located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez.

  • Professional League Cup 2022: River 0 – 1 Mouth

  • Professional League 2021: River 2 – 1 Mouth

  • Copa Libertadores 2019 (semifinal – first leg): River 2-0 Mouth

  • Super League 2019/20: River 0 – 0 Mouth

  • Super League 2017/18: River 1 – 2 Mouth