Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich arrived in Córdoba to support De Loredo in the municipal scrutiny

The municipal elections in the city of Córdoba closed at 6:00 p.m. and the main candidates for mayor, daniel passerini and rodrigo de loredoThey await with expectations the provisional scrutiny. Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and patricia bullrich They arrived in the capital to support their candidate, Rodrigo de Loredo, with expectations of winning.

The Peronist Passerini is the current Vice Mayor of Córdoba and aspires to succeed his political boss, Martín Llaryora, who was elected governor on June 25, but still manages the capital. His running mate is Javier Preto, former president of the PRO in the province and who at the end of May joined the ruling coalition.

For its part, the list of Together for Change (JxC) promotes the formula made up of the national deputy of the UCR Rodrigo de Loredo and his PRO partner Soher El Sukaria, who seeks to wrest power from Peronism, who stayed with the Mayor in the 2019 elections.

De Loredo and Passerini go for the mayor of Córdoba Capital

The list of candidates is completed with two formulas related to Kirchnerism: cordoba of allthat has the formula for the governorship integrated by Humberto Spaccesi-Silvia Peñaloza, and the humanist party who postulates Eduardo González Olguín-Luis Aubrit.

They also aspire to reach the municipal government Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting with the César Orgaz-Gonzalo Frontera formula, We are Cordoba with Juan Pablo Quinteros-Gabriel Ratner, the Left Front and Workers-Unity with the pairing Laura Vilches-Virginia Caldera Marsengo and the popular parties with Miguel Bustos-María Caballero.

For his part, he People’s Union Party encourages Romina Giménez-Norma Sabbadin, the Democratic Party to Jorge Scala-Paola González Cuevas and finally freedom first to Verónica Sikora-Enrique Rigatuso.

The Municipal Electoral Board assured that there will be no fines for those who did not attend the polls this Sunday.

In addition to mayor and vice, in these elections the positions of councilors and members for the provincial Court of Accounts are at stake. The people of Cordoba will be able to choose between once lists. A total of 1,131,148 Cordovans are authorized to vote in 488 schools and 3,829 polling stations.

Voting is carried out with the Single Voting Ballot system (BUS), a document printed on paper that condenses the entire electoral offer and allows voters to mark for their preferred candidates by marking the vote in boxes.

With this system, voters have the option of voting for the complete list or individually selecting candidates from different positions and political parties.

The arrival of the leaders of Together for Change

The presidential candidates of Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, arrived in the Cordoba capital to accompany Rodrigo de Loredo in the final scrutiny. The pre-candidate for Buenos Aires head of government, Martín Lousteau, the Jujuy governor Gerardo Morales and the Mendoza senator Alfredo Cornejo also traveled.

“We always come, if things go well or if things go wrong,” Bullrich said upon arriving at the Cordoba bunker and clarified: “We don’t speculate on the result, we came to hug Rodrigo de Loredo.” Then he added: “It is a support for Rodrigo de Loredo, for the people of Cordoba, who are always with us. The people of Cordoba have always supported us”.

“The gnocchi of La Cámpora”: the new spot by Patricia Bullrich with criticism of Sergio Massa

For his part, Larreta said: “We had a meeting because of the situation that Jujuy went through, defending Gerardo Morales. We have dialogue, we are part of the same space. They will always see me on the side of unity. I never criticize anyone. To beat Kirchnerism, we have to be together.”

For his part, the vice-presidential candidate Gerardo Morales was surprised by “the low participation” in the mayoral election and analyzed that “the election was nationalized because Córdoba is important.” Lousteau said that in the city there are “many people wanting to turn the page.”

The expectations of the ruling party

sicilian michaelSecretary of government of the municipality of Córdoba, before they begin to load official data, he announced: “They are good numbers for our candidate, Daniel Passerini.”. He also said that “we have reason to think that our party has made a huge choice.” However, he later safeguarded: “I want to be prudent.”

Siciliano also referred to the participation close to 60% of the register and clarified: “The low participation was in all the sections and neighborhoods of Córdoba. In the places where our political space gets the most votes, there was also low participation. The reading that must be done is that there was not low participation in one place in the city and high in another. It was in all the sections and neighborhoods.”

PRO deputies called to “vote actively despite the trap”

The block of National Deputies of the PRO Front called for an active vote in the city of Córdoba after the message from the Municipal Electoral Board in which they assured that there will be no fines for those who do not attend the polls this Sunday.

“The block of National Deputies of the PRO Front categorically rejects the attempt of the Cordovan ruling party, through the Electoral Board, to promote that the people of Cordoba not attend the polls to elect their next mayor of the capital city”They remarked through a statement that they released after what was expressed by the Electoral Board.

In this sense, they stressed that it is an action that seeks “cheating in the electoral process is a very serious act for democracy and the credibility of the institutions”, and reiterated their support for the opposition candidates Rodrigo de Loredo and Soher El Sukaria.

The “surprises” that left a survey on possible results between Massa, Rodríguez Larreta, Bullrich and Milei

“We call on all Cordoba to vote actively despite the trap and the attempts to weaken the popular will”concluded the signatories, including Cristian Ritondo, Diego Santilli, María Eugenia Vidal, Silvia Lospennato, Hernán Lombardi, Omar De Marchi, Fernando Iglesias, among others.

“What the Electoral Board of Córdoba is doing, discouraging the vote, threatens democracy. All our support for those who will respond actively at the polls tomorrow. Strength @rodrigodeloredo @SoherElSukaria and for all the candidates who do value it,” the deputies wrote on their Twitter accounts.

In tune, former President Mauricio Macri expressed himself in this regard and accused the ruling party of trying to discourage voting “with tricky arguments.” “They look lost and try to discourage voting in the capital Córdoba with tricky arguments. Don’t listen, tomorrow go and vote calmly and freely for Rodrigo de Loredo and Soher El Sukaria,” he remarked.

Together for Change denounced irregularities in the election

The campaign manager of Together for Change in the elections for the mayor of Córdoba, Juan Negri, denounced today that the Electoral Board changed in the last hours the table presidents, assigning them to schools located 10 kilometers from their homes.

“There are people who have spent $8,000 or $9,000 in taxis to be able to arrive on time,” Negri said at a morning press conference.

The leader of Together for Change criticized the Board, pointing out that it “anticipates that there will be 10% of the tables that will not be legible” when the votes are counted.

Rodríguez Larreta responded to Máximo Kirchner by Aerolíneas Argentinas: “If in a year it does not finance itself, no money will be sent to it”

besides, lashed out at the electoral authority by denouncing that days before it had issued a statement in which it anticipated the residents of Córdoba that if they are not going to vote “they were not going to fine them”.

“We ask that they go to vote,” said Negri, who said that Together for Change “was very respectful” during the campaign and that with the lawyers on the list they will be “very jealous” in controlling the election.