Historical: an Argentine scientist won the Nobel Prize for Conservation

In news that marks a historic milestone not only for the Argentine scientific community, but also for all of Latin America, Pablo García Borboroglu, a researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), has just been awarded the Indianapolis Prize, the main award for animal conservation in the world.

It should be noted that Borboroglu was nominated along with five specialists from various countries around the world, and was chosen as the winner thanks to a job in which he combined the results of scientific studies to implement and promote protection measures on penguin populations.

The award ceremony of the prize popularly known as the Nobel Prize for Conservation took place in the city of London, England, and the biologist, researcher of the Conicet of the Patagonian National Center (CENPAT) in Puerto Madryn could not help but break with emotion when he heard his name as the winner of such a distinction.

“I am incredibly honored and grateful to have been named the recipient of the 2023 Indianapolis Award. This prestigious award will be instrumental in supporting efforts to protect penguins and their habitat.“, affirmed the Argentine scientist.

2302_pablo borboroglu

“Needing sea and land, penguins face unprecedented threats that require large-scale changes. Through this award, we hope inspire and encourage people around the world to take decisive action to protect the environment. Only through our collective efforts can we ensure that our environment and their wildlife can thrive,” Borboroglu added.

For his part, after the award ceremony, Dr. Rob Shumaker, president and CEO of the Indianapolis Zoological Society Inc. he had nothing but words of praise and thanks to the Argentine scientist whom he defined as a great defender of penguins


“Doctor Pablo Borboroglu is rresponsible for major achievements in understanding penguin behavior and ecologyos”, stated the specialist.

Ha preserved millions of acres of critical penguin habitat, which is an amazing achievement. es una powerful, optimistic and expert voice for the conservation of animals and is Highly deserving award from Indianapolis this year,” concluded Shumaker.

As explained by the organizing entity, in addition to winning the Nobel Prize for Conservation, Borboroglu was credited with a sum of 250,000 dollars-the prize that supports the conservationists with the highest monetary value in the world-, which will receive at a ceremony that will take place on September 30, in Indianapolis, United States.