Helicopter or caravan: River’s secret offer to the AFA for the team to reach the Monumental

A secret proposal is being carried out between the presidents of River Plate and the AFA for the Argentine National Team to avoid a chaotic caravan like the one that occurred in the celebrations upon arrival in Argentina after winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For this reason, Jorge Brito offered him a Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia a solution so that the players do not have contact with the public prior to the friendly match against Panama that will be played on Thursday, March 23 at the Más Monumental stadium.

The millionaire president made the concentration rooms available to the AFA of the professional staff of River so that they sleep there Lionel MessiAngel Di Maria, Rodrigo De Paul and company in the run-up to the friendly clash. In addition, Brito said that the world champion squad will travel from the Ezeiza property to the stadium by helicopter and not by bus. In this way, any delay in the trip between the public and the national team would be avoided.

How much does it cost to go see the Argentine National Team at the Monumental?

Sources close to the negotiation between the parties spoke with PROFILE and confirmed this offer. One issue that Tapia must resolve in the coming days is that the million-dollar concentration can only house 30 people and the Albiceleste squad would exceed that amount because between the players called up and part of the staff, they would need around 70 beds.

For this reason, the president of the AFA was left to answer in the next few days when he began to reach the players and talk to the referrers to accept or decline the offer. Omar Souto, manager of national teams, guarantees this version to PROFILE. “On Tuesday, when the coaching staff arrives, they will speak with Tapia to decide what is best for the National Team,” he said.

Jorge Brito and Chiqui Tapia toured the Most Monumental

Meanwhile, Brito and Tapia shared a tour of the Más Monumental stadium. I also participated in the meeting Ignacio Villarroel (River’s 2nd vice president), Mariano Taratuty (President of Works and Infrastructure) and the coach Martin Demicheliswhile for the AFA they were Roberto Ayala, Luciano Nakis, Luis Martin, Omar Souto and Alberto Pernas.

During the tour, the AFA authorities had the opportunity to learn about the new works of the Stadium and visited the local locker room, the new single tunnel, the playing field, the concentration and the boxes of the middle Centenario stalls.

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