Heat wave: the maximum in the center of the country will reach 40 degrees

This week most of the children of the country return to school for the beginning of the 2023 school year. Unlike previous years, this time the back to school It arrives in fairly hot weather. A new heat wave It will hit a large part of the country and will affect the north of Patagonia, Cuyo and the center for the next few days.

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), this season of school year It has registered 8 previous heat waves and this one was changed in the ninth.

Heat wave: the maximum temperatures of the week will be necessary

In other words, according to the SMN categories, a heat wave implies the persistence of at least 3 consecutive days with minimum and maximum temperatures exceeding certain thresholds specific to each city.

The average temperature of the different cities is called the “90th percentile”, which is a statistical measure according to the historical record of each location. Beyond that threshold, it is considered that a temperature is extreme.

What temperatures are expected in the week

Monday will be the “coolest” day of the week with temperatures below 35°, with the possibility of reaching that threshold in northern Patagonia. The shift of a superficial anticyclone to the northeast over the Atlantic Ocean favoring a rapid change of winds to the north quadrant as of Tuesday in the central strip of Argentina and that will cause a sharp rise in temperature.

While in the north of the country the heat will be within normal parameters, the maximum will reach 38 and 40 °C in sectors close to Bahía Blanca and Viedma, at 37 °C in cities such as Buenos Aires, Rosario and Santa Rosaand more than 32° on the Buenos Aires Atlantic coast.

Will the storm come?

On Wednesday there will be temporary drops in temperature due to the passage of a cold front that will change the wind in the center of the country and that will bring isolated storms in the center and north of the country. In any case, the high temperatures will continue until next weekend.

The urban hell that global warming creates

The temperature in the City of Buenos Aires

This Monday the minimum was 21° and could reach 31° during the afternoon, but the Tuesday the intensity of the heat will grow, with a cloudy day. During the afternoon, 35° is expected and there will be a north wind.

He Wednesday isolated storms are expected and a minimum of 22 ° that will quickly rise to 35 ° during the afternoon. He thursday and friday the highs will continue to be around 34° and the high temperatures will continue over the weekend, but with winds from the southeast sector.


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