He wanted to bring 300 National Team shirts into the country, but a fine of up to $18 million awaits him

On Saturday the AFIP baggage monitoring system in Ezeiza He had discovered a passenger who wanted to enter with 4,600 cigars brought from Panama in his suitcases, task that if it had prospered it would have meant a good amount of dollars. However, the bloodhounds cooled him down, in fact they have already been watching him for other suspicious trips in which he left with little luggage and returned with more suitcases, the truth is that now he faces a customs fine that could reach 13 million pesos.

Smoking is harmful to smuggling: a traveler wanted to enter 4,600 Panamanian cigars in his suitcases

And this Sunday the news from the air station was another “artisanal” smuggling procedure, obviously unsuccessful, otherwise we would be commenting on the issue, with a Customs-AFIP control that discovered that a passenger from Peru wanted to bring 300 original soccer jerseys into the country, mostly from the Argentine National Team, but there were also some from Brazil, Poland, and even Barcelona.

The cigars that were being smuggled into Ezeiza. (Photo NA)

Again, as in the case of the subject of the Panamanian cigars, the analysis of advance information was fundamental to the procedure: a risk alert had been issued for the passenger in question, that allowed Customs to anticipate the arrival of that passenger included in the list of exhaustive verifications.

He returned by plane from Canada and wanted to enter 100 pairs of shoes, but customs stopped him

The hounds account gave 302 new and original sportswear, as we said, mostly shirts from the Argentine National Team. Taking into account that the price of the same is usually around 20 thousand pesos per unit, the total value of the merchandise could exceed 6 million pesos. As the amount of garments means that for legal purposes its commercial purpose is presumed, now a heavy customs fine awaits the traveler. The calculation according to article 977, always in relation to the merchandise, gives a figure of up to what level the shocking fine could reach: 18 million pesos.

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