Guardiola did not put Julián Álvarez and Kun Agüero questioned him: “I don’t understand why he doesn’t put it”

For the first leg semifinal of the Champions League, Real Madrid and Manchester City drew 1-1The curious thing is that Pep Guardiola did not make any changes, so the Argentine striker Julian AlvarezHe stayed on the substitutes’ bench and had no minutes on court.

In this sense, Sergio Aguero who was analyzing the game live with journalists from ESPN, Miguel Simón and Martín Soutotry to find some explanation for the fact that the City coach did not put the former River footballer.

“I don’t understand why he doesn’t put Julián,” Kun began by saying, who maintained that this decision could be due to having Haaland, and that there would be no place for the Spider. And he added: “Besides, Pepe doesn’t marry anyone.”

“I would have Julián every game, because I need him active”explained Agüero and assured that the only way in which DT would have the Argentine was if Real Madrid scored one more goal.