Governors asked Alberto Fernández to delay the elections

The Governor of Catamarca, Raul Jalilrevealed that several provincial leaders asked the president Alberto Fernandez to delay the open, simultaneous and compulsory primaries (PASO) to October and general elections a november. “It is a proposal from common sense. It would suit both the ruling party and the opposition“, sure.

“From the common, it would be wise for the PASO to be in October and the general ones in the first days of November and if there is a ballot, that it be in the middle of that month,” Jalil said in statements to Radio La Rojaand expressed: “It is a proposal based on common sense for the good of the country.”

In this sense, the Peronist president maintained that “it is a proposal that It serves both the opposition and the ruling party”.

Elections 2023: the electoral calendar province by province, when are the PASO and the general elections

Regarding the initiative that would modify the dates currently established by law -the PASO in August and the general ones in October-, Jalil said that last Monday the 13ththis was discussed with the president -Alberto Fernández- at a dinner with other governors“From the Front of All.

Jalil, together with other provincial leaders, from the first months of 2022 raised the request for annulment of the PASO at the national level, while in several provinces the internal district elections will not be held.

Regarding the candidate for president who will lead the Frente de Todos, the governor of Catamarca opined that “through the PASO or naturally, the candidate will be defined.”

The Governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil.

The dispute over the presidential candidacy of the Frente de Todos

“Peronism has many capable people like Alberto, Cristina (Kirchner), a governor, Wado (De Pedro) or Sergio (Massa)). We have capable women and men to run the country,” she said.

About the candidacy re-election of alberto fernándezhe thought that “he has every right to make a personal decision”.

On his political future, Jalil announced that the search for re-election in the province of Catamarca will be “defined in April”.

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